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[MISSHA] For Men Aqua Breath Moisture Cream

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  • Those whose skin is oily on the surface but feels dry within
  • Those who experience tightness and/or pulling after cleansing
  • Those looking for a mild skincare product that does not cause irritation
  • Those with dry skin in need of intense, long-lasting hydration

Product Description


Breathe skin’s moisture to life!
Moisturizing cream provides intense hydration

Men with dry skin require more moisture content than women!

1. Oxygenated water delivers moisture deep into the skin
Oxygen in the cream hydrates skin that is oily on the surface but dry within

2. Aqua Breath’s AQUA ACTIVE H
Aloe and honey care for skin that has been damaged by shaving and environmental stressors, keeping skin hydrated

3. Mild Care
Low alcohol content and mild formula provide gentle care, regardless of skin type

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