Sessygal.com is the online shopping mall to sell a wide range of Korean cosmetic products to countries worldwide.

Sessygal.com keeps an eye on Korean market to catch up latest Korean trend and brings it to our worldwide customers.

Being trustworthy shopping mall platform to experience Korean trendy products,

Sessygal.com gives our commitment to satisfy our customers’ needs.



(1) Authentic and Original.

-With good reputation as a big cosmetic distributor in Korea, Sessygal.com has direct supply channel with brand factory or its representative.

Therefore, customers 100% trust that every single product Sessygal.com shipping is authentic and original product.

(2) Transparent Shipping cost structure

-Sessygal.com separates product price and shipping fee to provide best pricing to customers. Sessygal.com pays our attention on better product, better pricing and better service.

(3) Reasonable Shipping Fee

– We are striving to provide better service to more countries in reasonable shipping fee.